See a Sale, Share a Sale: Anthropologie (40% off?!)


Hey guys, if you take anything away from this blog, it should be that this girl loves a sale and RARELY (if ever) buys anything full price. So I wanted to start a little series I call "See a Sale, Share a Sale. You know, because all those cool, hip youngsters are out there doing "see a chug, send a chug" and this seems much more productive.

When I opened my inbox this morning the words "40% OFF Sale? Bea-uuu-tiful!" were sitting in the subject line of an email from Anthropologie. My heart always skips a beat when I see any percent symbol in my inbox and this time was no different. 

The sale runs in US and Canada through this weekend, so hop to it! To help get you started, I'm sharing my top picks (read: best deals mostly, because I'm typically an Anthro inspired and hacked type of girl). This one is for all you Anthropologie taste - Target budget folks out there like me...


Clothing Picks

  • Ribbed Sweater Leggings - $24 (regularly $68)  | I'm obsessed with the "Groutfit", or "gray outfit", that has been trending for a while and I think these leggings would look so great with a pair of pool slides and a swing tank top for spring and summer weekends! 
  • Fringed Long Sleeve Jacket - $60 (regularly $198) | This one is hard for me to talk about. I had it in my cart ALL morning, but in the end I let her go (you'll see why at the end of this post). I told myself if she is still there on Sunday, she's mine! I can picture it over sized band graphic tee, boy friend shorts, and my white mules. Okay, I definitely just talked myself back into this one.
  • Larissa Fringe Cardigan - $54 (regularly $158) | Basically see above, except this one is navy and has buttons. I couldn't pick between the two, which is part of why I left them both!
  • Burgundy Striped Jumpsuit - $36 (regularly $98) | The only reason this one didn't end up in my bag is because it wasn't available in my size. I just adore this jumpsuit. It's satin so I'm sure it feels like pajamas, but is chic enough to wear to work and trendy enough to transition to a date night. Seriously, buy his one!
  • Positive Living Graphic Tee - $24 (regularly $68) | I just thought the saying was sweet and the graphic wasn't too in-your-face-obnoxious. Bonus points for the sunny yellow color!
  • Kennedy Striped Pullover - $42 (regularly $128) | I know summer is coming and in California, there's no chance of wearing a sweater in the heat, but I work in a freezing cold office so I always gravitate towards cozy things. I saw this one a few months ago and I fell in love with the soft colors and bow-back detail. I still think it's a great transition piece for those not-too-hot spring days.
  • Floral Fair Isle Pullover $42 (regularly $128) | This is another great transition piece in my opinion. It looks to be a little more light weight than the previous sweater, and again, I adore the pastel peach. You probably think I'm nuts for suggesting Fair Isle for spring, but take a closer look...there's some floral details too! Florals for spring, Cori? Groundbreaking.

Decor Picks

  • Cassie Byrnes Melbourne Quilt - $54 (regularly $188) | The pattern on this quilt is stunning and if I didn't live with a boy, this quilt would be mine in a second! Unfortunately, we agreed on a neutral house, so this one had to stay in my cart. I think this is such a fun piece and I could even imagine it folded at the bottom of a bed (I'm taking a cue from hotel rooms here) to be used as extra warmth in the winter and just as a pop of color!
  • Kessabine Duvet Cover - $90 (regularly 248)  | Alright, so this one isn't cheap, but it is a STEAL! As I mentioned above, we agreed on a neutral only house and this was too beautiful to pass up (this is what I pulled the fringe jacket out of my cart for and was the only thing I actually bought). I've hesitated on buying white bedding because my boy somehow always tracks dirt in, but the embroidery work won my heart. I know this will be a hard one to wash (no laundromat trips with this guy---mom's house only!), but honestly this is the most "big-girl" purchase I've made and I can't wait to show you how our bedroom turns out! I'm so excited for this addition.
  • Cassie Byrnes Melbourne Euro Sham - $18 (regularly $58) | Ok guys, here's one of my favorite decorating hacks, rotating pillows! You can totally change the look and feel of a room, just by swapping out your throw pillows, but that's not even my tip! Pillows get expensive and take up a lot of room, instead, go for buying a few Euro pillows (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods usually all have inexpensive ones) and buy shams and covers! Just like I mentioned with the quilt above, this is such a fun pop of color to throw out for spring and summer! And a major discount to boot!

Well, those are all my picks for now! Let me know if you end up purchasing any and leave your favorite items (or maybe home decor hacks) below!


Corrine Lane