Do As I Do, Do As I Say

This post is dedicated to doing things, and not just SAYING things.

This sounds like a pretty silly way to start a post full of pictures of a girl in overalls on a bike, but trust me it all ties together. Strike me down if I am, but I really don’t think I’m reaching here.

This past weekend, my family and I spent time in Southern California visiting family for Easter weekend. For 22 years, I have been visiting my grandparents in Redondo Beach and primarily filling my time shopping (because malls are a mecca for every teenage girl in a small town, right?) and laying out on the beach (because teenage girls aren’t concerned with sun spots). I had always wanted to ride the Strand, but somehow, it never worked out.  I had other priorities and never enough time, but this weekend I was bound and determined to get my butt on a bike (yes, photo ops were part of the motivation…).


So early Monday morning, I woke up around 6:30a, got ready, convinced my brother to go too, threw the bikes in my grandpa’s old van, and headed down Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

We got to the beach around 7:20a and for a Monday morning, it was already bustling. We headed south to Hermosa Beach, thinking we’d grab a coffee or something there.


We went rode just past the Hermosa pier before deciding to turn back and check out a coffee shop, but realized we hadn’t brought bike locks and hesitated to leave borrowed bikes unattended. So we snapped a few pics and headed back toward Manhattan.

I wore a loose sweater and overalls, but had the foresight to toss in a tank top in case it got warm, which it did. I wish I had taken some pictures in that too, but my camera was about to die and we needed to get going.  

I had been searching for the perfect overalls since I first watched Friends in middle school–no exaggeration here–so I wanted to share a little hack (I feel so silly even calling it that) to achieve this look. Back then, I thought I’d get made fun of so I couldn’t wait to be older and wear them. Well what do you know, 90s overalls are back in fashion and have been for a while. My middle school dreams of being the one to bring back the trend died with the dawning of REALLY expensive overalls. I didn’t feel like I should shell out for really expensive ones, but I had a dream pair in mind–slightly cropped, very minimal distressing, tailored, but still loose. I searched for monthss, but couldn’t find them anywhere. When I saw this pair of BLANKNYC ones at TJ Maxx, but they only had them in a 27, I decided it was worth a try. What do you know, that was the trick. So for this look, I recommend going up 2 sizes larger than what you would normally wear in a pair of skinny overalls if you want the sleek boyfriend look. This exact pair is sold out, so I linked a bunch of other good options below!

The ride back felt like it flew by,  so we agreed to see how far north we could ride in 10 minutes. We rode along the Strand as the scenery turned from the wide, flat, family beach with seaside mansions flanking the east edge to a rocky cliff, with a narrow beach and lots of surfers, shadowed by a water treatment plant to our left–we made it to El Segundo. That paragraph sounds so ominous, but really  we didn’t go very far, just another 3 miles north.


We turned around shortly after and headed home, making our bike ride a total of 10 miles. It really felt like nothing though! It was such a great way to start out the morning before heading back home that afternoon and spending 4+ hours in the car. I know that this will be a regular activity for me when I visit from now on. I’m thinking about getting a new bike to ride at home. Send any suggestions my way!

It seems like such a small thing, but I have all these ideas and plans in my mind that I never really execute or execute well– that’s the dreamer in me I suppose, but following through with something I always thought about doing, was so rewarding.  I’m really trying to keep up that follow through on things that are important to me. I find myself talking myself out of doing things so often and then I never end up completing it. So here’s to doing more and saying less.


I've already started to put this into practice, so far I have;

  • Worked out using the modelfit online subscription that I’ve paid for for a month. I did the “Legs & Core” workout under the “No Equipment” category and I really liked it! I’ll do a post on it all eventually (hold me accountable here, remember, I’m supposed to be doing, not saying).
  • Donated a pile of jeans I had been holding onto to Madewell for their recycling project…and received $20 off a new pair for each one donated. Looks like Madewell jeans or nothing from here out (at least for a while)!
  • Cleaned out my closest and purged some of the clothes I’ve kept for too long. Major Poshmark sale coming soon….
  • Wrote this blog post and queued up a second one to go out on Friday. I said I would start being consistent, so here goes nothing!

What are some things you’ve wanted to do, but haven’t actually followed through on? Let me know! I’d love to help hold each other accountable!

Outfit Details: Overalls (sold out, similarsimilarsimilarsimilarsimilar), sweater (on sale!), sneakerssunglasses

Corrine Lane